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April 20, 2001 - The physical journey stalled when I got to New York in February of last year. All Iíve done since then is write the book. Iím still in the same apartment planning how I can let the world know that TALES OF A FEMALE NOMAD exists.

I am talking to bookstores, publicity agents, organizations, newspapers. Iím planning to do radio interview shows, fairs, libraries and anyone else who will have me. At this point Crown has not volunteered any money to help me, though they are working to get me "gigs." The publicity agent at Crown, Rhoda Dunn, has been working hard making contacts and connecting me with bookstores and groups. But Rhoda is responsible to lots of other authors and her time is limited.

Iíve been living for two years on the $40,000 Iíve received. That doesnít go very far in New York City. But I am incapable of putting together the kind of campaign that is required and Iím overwhelmed by the enormity of the organization involved. Iíve hired Diane Glynn and Jennifer Tartikoff, experienced P.R. people, to do the job of contacting public radio programs across the country. I will also be working with Jan Goldstoff who is going to help me organize groups and media on my National Nomad Tour.

The National Nomad Tour is my idea, my expense, and my responsibility. But itís my book, too, so Iím the one that has to "make it happen." Iím convinced that the popularity of the book will spread geometrically as people read it and call their friends. Word of mouth is what will sell this book. The response among the trade has been very encouraging. Editors, bookstore employees, friends of people who work for Crown, magazine people have e-mailed me to say how much theyíve liked it. Click here for some prepublication comments from inside the trade.

Iím hoping the book buying public will be as enthusiastic.

The list will grow rapidly when I send out my letters and contact stores and organizations. I actually prefer speaking before groups to appearing in bookstores. A group has a membership. A bookstore is a risk. I hate the thought of talking to five people and selling one book in a bookstore signing, which is what sometimes happens. The signings Iíve set up are all are in places where people know me or where I have lots of friends.

When I first thought about talking to organizations, I told myself that Iím a writer, not a speaker. But the fact is that I have fascinating stories to tell.

Iíve actually developed a moving and inspirational talk that Iíve practiced now at the Spa in Ixtapan, Mexico, at my college friend Lisa Kramerís in Sarasota, Florida, and at my high school friend Susan Lechnerís in Arlington, Virginia. Each time I address an audience, I get a little better sense of how people react to the different stories and how long I can keep going. And Iíve noticed that the talk changes with the audience, my mood, and the looks on the faces of the people as I go on.

Iíve been making lists of the kinds of organizations I think will be interested in sponsoring a talk. Womenís groups, travel groups, book groups. Community groups. Libraries. Brandeis Alumni. Unitarian Universalist church groups. Reform or conservative Jewish organizations. People who are genuinely interested in other cultures, in books, in hearing about alternatives in life. Communities of retired people. The over-50ís. Student organizations.

Iím hoping to find ways to contact these groupsÖÖÖor maybe they will contact me as I and the book become a little better known out there.

When I begin my publicity stuff, Iíll add to this section every couple of weeks, with comments on how things are going and any interesting anecdotes and adventures that happen. See you in a couple of weeks.



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