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July 1, 2001 - So now Iím in upstate New York (Shushan near the slightly larger town of Cambridge). Itís real country, with trout streams and farms and cows and covered bridges. I love it here, except this morning the pipes burst and the basement squirted for several hours until the plumber came. My son and daughter-in-law are here and they dealt with it, which is fine with me. They go back to Atlanta where they live in a week and the plumbing will work. I remember now why I donít want a house.

This morning I got an e-mail from a friend who informed me that I had posted the wrong Barnes & Noble on my website for July 25th (Iíve also been telling everyone the wrong site.). For all you New Yorkers and north Jerseyites who are planning to come, I will be at the Barnes & Noble on 82nd and Broadway at 7:30, July 25th. Iím looking forward to meeting you. Please donít go to the one near Lincoln Center.

Last week I had a great meeting with the Brandeis Aumni Office and the coordinator of the Brandeis Womenís Committee in Waltham, MA. They are going to help me set up speaking/signing dates with the various clubs throughout the country. Itís a wonderfully secure feeling knowing that there will be that base of friendly faces as I move along on this tour.

Iíve also been getting calls from assorted bookstores and media (Iíve plugged the definite dates into my itinerary which is going up for the first time today.) and itís pretty exciting. If my e-mails are right, I am affecting many lives in a very positive way and Iím hoping to reach many more people as my tour progresses.

Tomorrow Iím going with my friends from up here, Maria and Pat, to Vermont and then down to the Berkshires in northwestern Massachusetts. Weíll be visiting bookstores and libraries where Iím hoping to introduce myself and my book to the staffs.

Unless you are interested in the process of promoting a book, this ongoing journey may not be all that interesting. Itís certainly far from Irian Jaya and Bali. Hopefully once my real journey gets underway, it will be more fun. Iíll try to write about the people I meet along the way. And my earlier journeys have taught me that all people are interesting if you just work at connecting.



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