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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Welcome, Bienvenido

I’m back in Seattle after a wonderful week in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I went kayaking one day, took a couple of easy hikes, rode the gondola, got a great massage, had a fantastic lobster dinner for my birthday (my choice of meal), learned about fly fishing, passed on the rock climbing and golf, and just enjoyed being with my family (my brother, his kids, my kids, and their kids).  Altogether there were thirteen of us. We all want to do it again.

Tomorrow I’m headed to the Vancouver Folk Festival in Canada. Heather Knox read my book and invited me to be a volunteer. If any of you are at the festival, look for me.  I will be tooling around in a golf cart, ferrying musicians for a total of twelve hours on Saturday and Sunday, the 14th and 15th.

I’ll be staying with Mirela Djokic, another reader about to become a friend. I’ve had several letters from people who are planning to be in Vancouver at the same time as I and would like to get together….so I’m setting up two meals for anyone who wants to join me. I’ll be having lunch on Thursday, July 12th at the Red Door at 12:30, corner of Granville and 14th, with or without companions….and breakfast at Barney’s across from the Red Door at 8:30 AM on Monday the 16th.  Nothing is certain….except that I will be there, in both places at the designated times.  If no one shows up, I will happily eat alone. I've come a long way. You will know me by my very white, very short hair. I hope to be on the road to Seattle by 10:30 on Monday.

A note to those of you who are trying to figure out ways to have some international adventures beyond a tourist’s experience. Just this morning I received a note from Beth Whitman, author of Wanderlust and Lipstick (see the PS) telling me that a publication called Transitions Abroad had a nice note about NOMAD, so I went to look. I couldn’t find the reference, but it looks like a great site to explore if you are researching jobs, volunteer opportunities, or even places to live. Just Google it.

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